Superflow 300 FlowBench

Capable of measuring up to 400 C.F.M. at 28" of water. Data acquisition by Audie Flow Pro software.

We us this tool not only to flow cylinder heads, but also as a tool to have camshafts custom ground. The cam grinder uses the flow numbers to match the cam engine depending on what type of application the engine is used in.

PT200 Valve Spring Tester

Utilizing a loadcell and computerized data acquisition. This tester will measure pressures at .005" intervals if needed.

ND Tech Model A-5 Shock Dyno

Capable of testing compression and rebound at the various loads from 5 Lbs. to 100 Lbs.

This customer wanted a transaxle made from his existing parts. We used his small block Ford, C-4 automatic, and Winters Quick Change Independent rear end.

We made a custom output shaft and tailshaft housing for the transmission that allowed the Winters Rear  to bolt directly on.

Custom oil pan was fabricated to allow for minimal ground clearance.

Special K Racing Ford Kugrr

This car was built completely from scratch in house. It completed in the 2006 and 2007 seasons of the Pennsylvania Hill Climb Association Special-3 Class. It won the first time out and many times after, collecting both 06' and 07' Class Championships. It also won the last race ever run. The car hit a tree head on destroying it entirely, but still had a fast enough time posted for the victory. The trophy was delivered to the driver at the hospital where he was being checked out.
And Much More...
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